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Chronically ill Artists Network

Making a change together

Falling Down

The Story of CIA 

The Chronically ill artists network #ChronicallyIllArtistsNetwork or CIA as we like to call it, was co- founded by Louise Wildish and Tilly Branson in early 2021.

They have worked in the arts for over two decades and were diagnosed with chronic illnesses at different stages in their careers. They met through a research project that Louise undertook entitled 'Enter Stage not quite Right' funded by Arts Council England which aimed to explore models of work for artists and practitioners in theatre and the arts with chronical illnesses.  Tilly and Louise met as part of the project and subsequently developed the Chronically ill Artists Network. Learn more

What we do

We work nationally to provide support, opportunities, information and advocacy to or for chronically ill disabled artists who currently work, want to work, or have previously worked in the arts. We work as individuals, as a collective and with organisations on strategic campaigns that make a positive change to chronically ill disabled arts professionals.

Modern Ballet Dancers


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Resources and information

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Young Dancers

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If you are chronically ill disabled and work or have previously or want to work in the arts, sign up

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"My worst fear is being 'seen' as weak. Trust me I am anything but that. Living with a chronic illness/disability means I'm certainly not weak.”


“Being part of this network gives me some hope that change is coming. I am good at what I do, I just need a little bit more support”


“I have hidden my disability and chronic illness for so long because the arts isn't designed for the chronically ill. I worry where my next gig will come from if I am 'out'.”


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